about Marcia

I've been a photography instructor, graphic designer, newspaper publisher, and Interactive Software Designer. I found my way back to photography and my very first love drawing and painting. My second grade teacher sent notes to my mother saying... she should be studying 'art'. So it seems that I always find myself involved in a creative endeavor.

Photography is pliable, collaborative or solitary allowing for different ways to record experiences.

Founding member Studio F Gallery
A Photography Gallery, Seattle WA.

Athena WA Reflection

PCNW Presents

Lisa Ahlberg and I have been traveling to small towns in Oregon and Eastern WA and found Athena OR. Work from this series has been selected for PCNW Presents 2017. 

"Photographers have expressed a need for guidance in the art market; galleries deserve greater support for the on-the-job education they provide artists new to this realm. PCNW has selected ten photographers—emerging, mid-career, and master—who do not have gallery representation in the Northwest to be a part of PCNW PRESENTS for a fixed period of time. A selection of their works will be on view, and for sale, in our alcove exhibition space and online."

tieton laundry.jpg

Tieton WA

It is the quiet places that draw me in.

This image was selected for two juried shows:

Tieton 10x10 Tieton WA 2016

Center for Fine Art Photography Simply Exhibition March 2015